Business Development

The rapid pace and business climate with new possibilities and increasing competition can make it difficult to understand the best options and direction. Through my 25-years of experience of business- and product-development within the manufacturing industry, I have a gained thorough understanding of the interaction and collaboration between you as a producer, your customers, the public sector, your competitors and partners.

Organizing and managing projects

When dealing with issues that spans many parts of an organization or a need to focus on a complex issue, many organizations wisely choose to use the project methodology rather than use the traditional static organization. To gain effect of the set-up, it is vital that the whole organization understand and agree what shall be accomplished, when,  by whom and also boundaries and limitations. However many times these corner pillars becomes secondary to the eagerness to get going and deliver results. In my experience, these are the projects that will have the most difficulties to deliver on their targets.
Having spent considerably parts of my career as a leader of projects and programs within the automotive industry, I have broad experience and know-how of what it takes to successfully manage these questions.

Regardless of business, I can help you to structure, define, start-up and if wanted, also lead your project.

Operational support & Interim Management

In a world where we tend to work more global and across time zones, you as a leader may find yourself being the bottleneck. As a result it is often tempting to downshift the priority of non-operational questions just to be able to battle the daily issues. In my experience one must allow time for both the operational and the strategic questions. With my background from all areas of business, I’m able to temporarily release you from the operational issues, giving you time to focus on the strategic questions, or vice verse help you develop the longer term strategies.

Coach to coach

Whether you are a first time manager or have already reached an executive position, even as a leader you need support, someone to bounce questions with or to get an objective secondary opinion. My experience from many levels of leadership and areas has given me a knowledge base which will help you with just that.